A specific optional tours program has been tailor-made for regularly registered participants and accompanying persons.

These visits will be an excellent opportunity to discover some of the most outstanding historic, artistic and heritage highlights of Nantes and its region.

To sign up for tours, please tick the corresponding boxes during your online registration to the conference and send your payment.

  • All tours will be conducted in English by a licenced guide.
  • All tours depart from and return to La Cité, Nantes Events Center
  • Means of transportation: walking, public transport, private coach or private boat

The organizers reserve the right to cancel tours if the required minimum number of participants is not reached.




Cultural tours program




Price per person, VAT included

Minimum participants required

Wednesday 24 October

14:30 - 17:30

Walking tour of Nantes: the history of the city from the Middle Ages to the 19th century

 25.00 €  30 persons

Wednesday 24 October

15:30 - 18:30

Les Machines de l'île

 28.00 €  30 persons

Wednesday 24 October

14:00 - 18:00

From Nantes to Clisson, the wine route

35.00 €   50 persons

Wednesday 24 October

 13:00 - 19:30

Guérande, the white land

 37.00 €  50 persons



E1 / Walking tour of Nantes: the history of the city from the Middle Ages to the 19th century

  • Wednesday 24 October 2018
  • Departure from La Cité, Nantes Events Center, at 14:30
  • Return to La Cité at 17:30
  • Walking tour (way back with public tram)
  • Price per person: 25.00 €, VAT included

Joint this walking tour to discover the beautiful city of Nantes and learn more about its history from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
This stroll will take you through the medieval district known as “Quartier Bouffay” with its two impressive buildings; the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the Cathedral St Peter and St Paul.

Visit of the Cathedral St Peter and St Paul: impressive masterpiece of the late gothic architecture, the cathedral hosts the grave of François II and Marguerite de Foix, parents of Anne of Brittany.
Visit of the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany (the yard only): It is one of the most outstanding buildings in Brittany. The construction started under François II, last duke of Brittany, and then finished by his daughter, Anne of Brittany, twice queen of France. The castle houses a royal palace with elegant renaissance facades and loggias.

You will also see the Isle of Feydeau, known for its 18th Century architecture and the quays. The isle evokes the extravagant way of life of the maritime traders led in the 18th century, when the port of Nantes was the biggest in France and one of the most important in Europe.

A short stroll away, you will encounter the magnificent “Passage Pommeraye”, which is a commercial center from the 19th century and Nantes Opera.

End of the tour and tea time at the famous brasserie La Cigale. Classified as a Historical Monument, la Cigale was the meeting place of the upper class and the local bigwigs with the actresses and dancers of the neighboring Theatre (Graslin Theater). It was also the place where André Breton used to meet Jacques Prévert. Singular setting, la Cigale was chosen by Jacques Demy for the filming of “Lola”; other films will use this décor thereafter. This historical brasserie will never disappoint you. It’s a magical place with the spirit and décor from the 1900’s great brasseries.

After enjoying a local pastry and a beverage (included in the tour price), departure from La Cigale and way back to La Cité.

E2/ Les Machines de l'île

  • Wednesday 24 October 2018
  • Departure from La Cité, Nantes Events Center, at 15:30
  • Return to La Cité at 18:30
  • Walking visit & Return transfer La Cité/Les Machines de l'île with public tram
  • Price per person: 28.00 €, VAT included

Les Machines de l’île” are a totally unprecedented artistic project.
Born from the imaginations of François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, it is at the crossroads of Jules Verne’s "invented worlds", the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and of Nantes’ industrial history, on the exceptional site of the former shipyards.

Visit of The “Galerie des Machines” that can host up to 200 attendees. It houses a laboratory and a whole bestiary of machines. During your visit, the machinists will explain the history and workings of these strange creatures and breathe life into the imaginary world of the Heron Tree, future project of the Machines de l’île.
You will discover the last "monster": the Spider. A mechanical Spider joins the bestiary of the Heron Tree at the heart of the Galerie des Machines. Sleeping in its hole, it is awakened by the machinists who seat four people on its abdomen. It climbs up along its threads, and moves in the Galerie.

Then continuation to the Marine Worlds Carroussel (fairground mode)
A carroussel in which you will be able to discover on three levels all the creatures of the marine worlds, from the most common to the most strange. A real jouney in a fantastic and strange world. You will have access to the gangways and the possibility to come on board of one of the elements, on one of the three levels. No commentaries from the machinists. It’s a free exploration. It is a journey from the seabed, the abyss to the surface of the sea.

Finally, way back to La Cité with public tram.


E3/ From Nantes to Clisson, the wine route

  • Wednesday 24 October 2018
  • Departure from La Cité, Nantes Events Center, at 14:00
  • Return to La Cité at 18:30
  • Bus tour & village walking tour
  • Price per person: 35.00 €, VAT included

The south of Loire area has much to offer to the visitors with beautiful villages and wide-open views over the vines. The Muscadet is now recognized by the top chefs and is inseparable from the city of Nantes and its gourmet cuisine.

You will leave La Cité by bus and arrive at the village of Clisson for a walking guided tour.
The fascinating history of Clisson takes you back to the very prosperous period of the Middle Ages and the famous people who inhabited the impressive castle. The War in the Vendée marked a pivotal era: it left behind a valley to rebuild. Clisson also invites you to discover through its narrow streets and along the banks of the Sèvre Nantaise a range of Tuscan colors, scattered here and there at the beginning of the 19th century by artists who were in love with this setting, after returning from Italy.

Continuation to the Château du Coing for a visit and wine tasting.
The Château du Coing covers 45 hectares, in one piece, in the town of Saint Fiacre sur Maine. Located on the foothills of the Massif Armoricain, the Château du Coing, is south facing, on acid soils and turned to the ocean. Their vines grow on a two-mica schist and garnet soil. This soil gives wines: tender and fragrant, lively and beading, generous, floral and mineral. Their passion for Muscadet started during the XVth century. Since then, all generations brought their personal touch to the estate.
Tasting of 3 Muscadet wine, served with local snacks.

Late afternoon, return by bus to La Cité.


E5/ Guérande, the white land

  • Wednesday 24 October 2018
  • Departure from La Cité, Nantes Events Center, at 13:00
  • Return to La Cité at 19:30
  • Bus tour and walking visit
  • Price per person: 37.00 €, VAT included

Departure by bus from La Cité to Guérande.

Crossing of the salt marshes. It is one of the last places in France where salt is produced traditionally. Guerande’s salt marshes remain an outstanding place to see. You will be able to watch, in these giant squares, some salt workers who gather salt.

Terre de Sel. Exploring the salt marshes is all about getting closer to nature and meeting people. It gives everyone an opportunity to get an overview of a living and working environment. The salt marsh tour, on foot, is led by salt marsh specialists: salt workers and naturalist guides. You will see how the water circuit operates and learn how the famous Guérande salt is formed.
Duration: 45 minutes

Continuation by bus to the village of Géurande for a walking visit. You will enjoy your stroll in the small medieval town of Guérande with its battlements, monumental city gates, cobbled streets and collegiate.

After some free time in the village, way back to Nantes by bus.


Tour reservation cancellation policy - for individual reservations

All cancellations must be notified in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail) to the Conference Office according to the following conditions:

  • For cancellations received up to 27 August 2018: no penalty
  • For cancellations received from 28 August 2018: 100% of the total payment will be withheld


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